Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sweet Lady Love!

Our Eastern weekend was such a special time for the Adamos. Seeing friends, celebrating the season, and spending time with family were the keystones to a successful Easter 2012!

It all started with what I deemed “Bridget + Abby Day of Fun” which is also known as Good Friday, as known as 2012 Rangers Opening Day. Our plan was to have Abby come stay the day with us while her mommy and daddy went to the game (an annual tradition!). Splendidly, I got a surprise note from our good friends Jill and Alexandra inviting us to a very special egg decorating party and egg hunt that same morning. We just couldn’t pass up a chance to spend time with our buddies! Thankfully, Jill was, as always, the gracious host and opened her arms to Abby as well. The girls were adorable!

Bridget April 2012 050Bridget April 2012 013 - Copy

Once aprons were on, it was time to dye the eggs! All three girls were enamored by the lovely “Miss Jill” and were just great listeners. Every time Bridget and I get a chance to play with our favorite Fair females, I am always go glad Bridget gets to learn from Alexandra. If you’ll remember, the two are nearly exactly 1 year apart and are quite similar in demeanor and personality. What a treat for me to get a sneak peek into what my mommy world will be like a year from now! Plus, if B is anything like Alexandra, we are in luck.

She’s such a good girl Smile.

Bridget April 2012 017Bridget April 2012 085Bridget April 2012 020Bridget April 2012 082Bridget April 2012 053 - CopyBridget April 2012 405Bridget April 2012 412

Even sweet Baby Josephine got in on the action! I knew Abby would be happy as a clam playing with the Fairs, seeing as how she’s got some serious baby love. Look at her cute smile!

Bridget April 2012 229Bridget April 2012 024

After dying eggs, we were off on the hunt! Alexandra’s sweet friend, Evy, from next door also came to join in the fun. She was a real cutie!

Bridget April 2012 025 - Copy

Here we go…

Bridget April 2012 298

Thanks to Mr. Doug for being our Easter Bunny. The hiding places were perfect!

Bridget April 2012 448Bridget April 2012 452Bridget April 2012 475Bridget April 2012 479

Bridget April 2012 497Bridget April 2012 505Bridget April 2012 495Bridget April 2012 522Bridget April 2012 525Bridget April 2012 507

The Loot!!!

Bridget April 2012 533

“Hey, Mr. Doug! Gimme that egg in your hand!”Bridget April 2012 537

This was one happy bunch of egg hunters! Phew!

Bridget April 2012 540

Thank you so much for making our Good Friday morning so GREAT this year, J and A! We love you guys!

(more on the rest of our Bridget + Abby Day of Fun next…our egg hunt needed its own post!)

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  1. Awwww, friend -- anytime we get to see and spend time with y'all is a special time indeed! When can we do it again? :)