Friday, April 27, 2012

FINALS! You wish you could be me, of course :)

They are nigh upon me, people. Tonight is my first final of 3 before the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. I've nearly survived it! I shouldn't put the horse before the cart, though. Tonight is the toughest one by far so my brain is complete mush but I just don't care. Nor do I really care about the two finals I have next week.

What do I care about? All the fun things B and I have been doing together in the last couple of weeks as my schedule has started to lighten up...and all the fun things we already have planned for the next few months. Someone even said to me yesterday upon mention of our aquarium trip we took that morning, "man, you guys go and do so many fun things!". I won't lie, I beamed with pride. Since I get myself into all these messes and wild schedules, I try really hard not to complain about being too busy and likewise pray for peace when I hear the little devil on my shoulder saying, "she's not that busy! why can't her schedule work with your's!". As I've said on here before, we all have our limits and the older we get the more we learn how to stay within them for the sake of our sanity. And relationships. And health. Plus, I've learned a lot from my friends who are better at saying "no" than me. If you're one of those friends, THANK YOU. You've really relieved a lot of stress over the past 2 years!

Up next for the dazzling 'damo duo:

Denton Arts and Jazz Fest
Fort Worth Zoo
Scarborough Fair (don't even get me started on how excited I am to go back to a childhood fav!)
Family Pictures

These will all be complete in less than 10 days. However, should the weather decide now is not the time for these outdoor adventures, I will most certainly not shed a tear. This woman knows to be thankful for surprise downtime! Oh, and yes, I do still have a husband and he will join us on a few of these trips of course. Plus, he gets the whole summer off to rest and relax and play with Bridget and me. Blessed are we!

Wish me luck tonight and next week. Then feel free to suggest a hang time. You know I'm terrible at saying NO :). Thankfully, I won't really even need to for a few months!

Hugs and Happy Friday to all!

(can you tell how excited I am to be finishing the school year??? AGH!!!!!!)

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  1. Congrats on the end of your first year!!! Super Mommy you are!!!! Good luck on your upcoming finals... I know you will do great!!!!