Saturday, April 28, 2012

Catching Up: Egg Dying Volume II

We tried last year for the first time with little success (well, Mommy and Daddy did great…B wasn’t totally into it):


So I was excited to see how this year went. Another year makes such a difference!

Easter Weekend 2012 747

Of course, we were thankful to have had great practice at our Good Friday playdate. So I had an inkling that this may be our year for success. And I bought these “no spill” dye kits and they actually worked really well!

Easter Weekend 2012 733Easter Weekend 2012 737

She even learned from Daddy how to add illustrations to the eggs:

Easter Weekend 2012 744Easter Weekend 2012 742

I was so happy with the vibrant colors! And (thanks to lessons learned from stupid Mommybrain last year) I remembered to put the eggs in the fridge so I could use them for Easter Egg Salad the next day Smile. Phew!

Easter Weekend 2012 751

The next morning, it was time for a hunt! I got a great video that I won’t subject you guys to…so here’s B with her first loot of the day:

Easter Weekend 2012 760Easter Weekend 2012 763Easter Weekend 2012 765

These Dora eggs from Big Lots were the hit of the day!

Easter Weekend 2012 769

Next up, the real reason to celebrate: Easter Sunday with FAMILY!

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