Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My 3rd Job: Babysitting

Um, yeah right. I’ve got enough on my plate these days. However, I just happened to have two friends in need recently and just like many of you, I can’t say no. Nor did I want to, because I truly appreciate my friends and all they do for me so I’m thankful to have the opportunity to return some favors.

It started with a full evening with Bridget’s friends Dane and Brock, who’s Daddy had recently had back surgery and wasn’t allowed to carry Baby Brock around…and Mommy was needed for a gig that shouldn’t have been passed up. In flies Super Anna!! Thankfully, Bridget did much of the entertaining work so I got to sit back and take pics. They are pretty cute, eh?

We started our afternoon with outdoor fun, of course. Bridget is in love with her WT plastic pool, so thankfully Dane had one, too. Loved it!

Bridget April 2012 001Bridget April 2012 046

Check out this goober! I forget how fun it is to have a kiddo at the age that he/she will still smile fort he camera EVERYTIME. Adorable!

Bridget April 2012 072

My girl loves her some boy toys. She would have stayed in his car the entire time if the battery would have allowed. Also she the tool shelf. Another fave, thanks Daddy and Pop Smile.

Bridget April 2012 077Bridget April 2012 294Bridget April 2012 186

These two had a great time playing together! Yeehaw!

Bridget April 2012 076Bridget April 2012 238Bridget April 2012 451Bridget April 2012 307


Bridget April 2012 295

So, what does this remind you of? Ah, early Tom Hanks Smile

Bridget April 2012 125Bridget April 2012 358

Gigantic Baby Alert! Or is my girl just small? Hard to tell. Either way, it’s a double layer of cuteness. Such a fun time for B and me!

Bridget April 2012 079

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