Friday, April 6, 2012

Bluebonnet Bliss!

I should just let these pictures speak for themselves:

Bluebonnets 2011! 035Bluebonnets 2011! 013Bluebonnets 2011! 015Bluebonnets 2011! 016Bluebonnets 2011! 047Bluebonnets 2011! 059Bluebonnets 2011! 066Bluebonnets 2011! 078Bluebonnets 2011! 148Bluebonnets 2011! 184Bluebonnets 2011! 210Bluebonnets 2011! 322Bluebonnets 2011! 323Bluebonnets 2011! 334Bluebonnets 2011! 342Bluebonnets 2011! 364Bluebonnets 2011! 379Bluebonnets 2011! 405

After our blissful romp in the bluebonnets, we stopped by our favorite duck pond for a picnic together in the lovely breeze. What a special day for me and my noodle doodle!

Bluebonnets 2011! 038Bluebonnets 2011! 089Bluebonnets 2011! 127Bluebonnets 2011! 040Bluebonnets 2011! 039


  1. OMG, where did you find the Nutella To Go?!?! I've been looking everywhere for it!!! I gots to know!!! By the way, love the BB pics! :-)

  2. Bluebonnet picture perfection, and what a special day indeed! Okay, the Nutella immediately caught my eye, too. Just last week, I purchased some for Alexandra and couldn't believe that she didn't like it. What?!?

  3. Beautiful girl, beautiful flowers... beautiful pics!! :)