Sunday, April 29, 2012

Earth Day 2012

I spent the afternoon watching the Rangers game at a friend’s place while Jonathan and B stayed home (she was ill). When I got home at about 4, they were both sound asleep! Like mother – like daughter (she loves to sleep at night!). Like father – like daughter (she loves to sleep during the day!). Well, no-napper me quickly got Jonathan up and told him we had to get out and do something for Earth Day!!! He tried to shoot down my enthusiasm by complaining of bad allergies, but I convinced him to at least fill the bird and squirrel feeders with Miss B so we could enjoy some of the Earth’s blessings on its designated day:


Please don’t judge my by the state of my backyard (hehehe). EVERY YEAR we both try to make a pact not to hire a lawn service to do the job of keeping our yard and beds in shape. It’s been four years now, and each summer we always break down and pay someone else. Not there yet in 2012, but I fear its coming Smile. I’m just excited that I’m nearly done with school so I can finally go to out and get some flowers to put in my pots again. We love watering our potted plants in the summertime!



All God’s creatures came to help! Penny’s favorite is the squirrel feeder, and she loves it when Bridget gets to help…because that means plenty of fallen peanuts for Penny!024

This squirrel feeder is the best out there. We love seeing all the furry friends that come to snack out of it!


My little nature noodle! Love having her to help Smile


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  1. What a great day, and way to get out there, Jonathan! :) I've wanted a bird feeder for such a long time, but unlike you, I want one that is squirrel proof...I've yet to find just the right one.