Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tantrums: I’m doing this right, right??

This is our standard behavior during a tantrum these days. Keep in mind, she’d been whine/cry/stomp/flopping for a good 10 minutes already when I decided to be THAT mom and pick up the camera for posterity…

Honestly, I consider myself a pretty darn lucky Mommy. Not only are Bridget’s tantrums seldom, they are fairly predictable and she’s usually good about “holding back” in public places. For now, at least! However, what used to be quick and cry-filled fusses (the kind that started around 16 months for her) are now REAL tantrums. We got about a 4-5 month reprieve, which was delightful, but now they are back and are often reserved just for me. Does that happen at your house too? Mommy gets all the fun?

For now, I just do my best to ignore the whole thing or distract the best I can. I know she’s just testing me and seeing what she can get away with…but man is it tough sometimes! Feel free to share any other suggestions, as I’m always interested in hearing what works for others.

P.S. As I’m writing, Bridget is AGAIN refusing to nap in her room. This is also a recent trend that does NOT interest me. Grr!

At least she’s cute Smile.


  1. We love our little monkey's-- even when they attempt to drive us bananas!

  2. Ah, munchkins. You have to admire her dedication. I mainly do the ignore thing with Kaitlyn when dealing with a tantrum. I usually remind her that once she calms down I'd be happy to listen to what she has to say, which is then rewarded with an irritated scowl, but after a minute or so she calms herself down. Every kid is different, just gotta do what's best for you and B :-)

  3. Oh Anna! I feel ya. I wish I had a magic solution because believe me I would be using it. You are doing an awesome job and staying so calm. My G goes through phases too. He trys not napping from time to time but it always ends up with his head in his dinner plate. I feel bad for them because their little emotions can be all over the place from moment to
    And on a completely unrelated note - her hair is so fabulous moment. ! Like you said at least she's cute :)

  4. Lol We KNOW tantrums at our casa, too! If Chiquita is being disrepectful / mildly violent, I put her in time out. If she's still crying and flopping around after a couple of minutes, I calmy tell her that SHE can leave time-out when SHE'S ready. (After apologizing to me, of course...)

    I'm amazed at how long she'll keep herself there! It turns into a fit, just for the sake of having a fit. When it gets to that point, I verbally acknowledge to her, "I can see that you're sad. Do you need a hug?" The hug kind of re-starts her, in a good way. She still has to apologize to me, etc., but the hug helps break the cycle that she can't escape.

    Sooooooo dramatic.... :)

  5. I Feel ya girl!! We see similar tantrums at our house and to add an extra sugary topping - Matt is copying Sam's tantrums so we get a two for one deal!! Just remember that - if it's easy, you're probably not doing it right! ;) so keep fighting those battles Mommy, it will pay off in the end!

  6. Girl...I totally feel your pain. Max has been doing that too although his seem a little more volatile thans B's...he flips his whole body around. I do the same thing...calmly wait it out and try to ignore it as best as possible. Max got me stumped last week when he was having a tantrum and I had to put him in timeout becuase he hit me during it....but the kicker was that he obeyed me and stayed in timeout WHILE having a tantrum. So I was all sorts of confused...and didn't know if I should go get him because he obeyed but technically was still screaming. Oh, the joys!

  7. Hilarious! I'm so glad you posted is all too familiar. And, is it strange to say that B is adorable even when she is tantruming? I just love her!!!