Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Hunting!

Yes, yes. Perhaps I went a little overboard with the egg hunts this year. I just couldn’t help myself from taking every opportunity to have fun with my Noodle Doodle Girl!

Our next chance was at the Coppell Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday before Easter. A kindermusik parent invited us, and as soon as I heard the word FREE, I knew we’d be there if the weather complied…I just loved the pics and video I got of B last year at a similar event and couldn’t wait to do the same this year. And doesn’t she look pretty?? I was so happy to try on this pretty white dress I ordered online last September from Target…I got it on sale for $6. I outfitted her with summer clothes, most of which were under $5, at the end of the season and I’m TOTALLY doing that again this year. Super deals are my weakness!

Easter Weekend 2012 219

Somebody just couldn’t wait for the buzzer and snuck out early. Hilarious!

Easter Weekend 2012 046

Waiting patiently for the big moment:

Easter Weekend 2012 252Easter Weekend 2012 440

She was a real pro!

Easter Weekend 2012 088

Neither Bridget nor my Kindermusik buddy, Aavi, was too interested in introductions…they had loot to sort!

Easter Weekend 2012 311

But we made sure to check out Mr. EB…from a safe distance (and I was more than happy to skip the insanely long line):

Easter Weekend 2012 254

And also get up close and personal with Rojo the Firetruck!

Easter Weekend 2012 049Easter Weekend 2012 289

I just can’t get enough of my sweet Spring Chicken!

Easter Weekend 2012 288

Easter Weekend 2012 492Easter Weekend 2012 567Easter Weekend 2012 587Easter Weekend 2012 605

More hunting was to come after lunch and a quick nap…it was the OWLS (Older Wiser Law Students) group event that afternoon and I knew I would get the major guilt trip for skipping. So I had Jonathan come with me to see all the other Law Babies. It was so much fun!

Easter Weekend 2012 193 - Copy

I was happy to get a chance to put me and B in our matching dresses. I bought mine about 3 years ago and still wear it all the time during the warm season. Imagine my surprise when I saw a 2T mini-version hanging on the racks at Divine Consign for $2…I nearly cried I was so excited! Don’t give me crap, haters Smile.

 Easter Weekend 2012 224 - Copy

There were pinwheels – a real fave these days (this one met a terrible end the next day. A good lesson in why Mommy doesn’t roll down the window!):

Easter Weekend 2012 260 - Copy

Arts and crafts with other Law Babies:

Easter Weekend 2012 412 - CopyEaster Weekend 2012 427 - Copy

And “Face” painting! A first for B (though for kids under 3, it was arm painting only…even better, if you ask me!):

Easter Weekend 2012 334 - CopyEaster Weekend 2012 501 - CopyEaster Weekend 2012 291 - Copy

Being a musical genius, she was amazed by the acoustics in the Quad. Me, too, girly!

Easter Weekend 2012 333 - CopyEaster Weekend 2012 414 - CopyEaster Weekend 2012 335 - Copy

The best part, though, was the adorable hunt! She really knew what to do my this point. And even was willing to share!

Easter Weekend 2012 429 - CopyEaster Weekend 2012 129 - CopyEaster Weekend 2012 430 - CopyEaster Weekend 2012 227 - Copy

We had so much fun that J and I weren’t ready for the day to end…sounds like a Gloria’s trip to me! They were so sweet to bring Bridget a special plate of fruit Smile. Notice, she was not interested in having any of it and immediately shunned the gift. Jonathan and I were grateful!

Easter Weekend 2012 273 - Copy

The Easter Weekend was so much fun…and the big day was still to come! I think I’m getting the “enjoy every moment” hang of things these days. Don’t take any second for granted, friends Smile.

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  1. You are right, B is adorable in her white dress! I, for one, smile at the matchy-matchy, and I LOVE your family pic in this post!!! Perfect lighting in it, too.