Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eggcellent Easter!

Finally finding some time to re-cap our Easter Sunday. What a delightful day we had, filled with family and friends. After enjoying some fun time with her Easter basket, we met Mimi and Pop for morning service at CTK. It was a beautiful service and Bridget stayed through the entire thing. So proud of her! (no comment regarding the m&m filled eggs that may or may not have been in the diaper bag – emergencies!)

iPhone love March-April 2012 069

Next, we were all pleasantly surprised to see that the Easter Bunny had hopped over to Mimi and Pop’s house, too!Easter Weekend 2012 774Easter Weekend 2012 783

The Furry One had even left some goodies for Arnie!

Easter Weekend 2012 786

Then time for a manicure by Mimi:

Easter Weekend 2012 789

All in preparation for the big event of the day (well, besides Easter celebration, of course!) – The Masters!!

Easter Weekend 2012 791

My parents had just returned from Augusta/Atlanta for a surprise trip to The Masters practice rounds (Mom won the tickets!) and a visit to Betsy and Andy. They were still in full Masters mode, just in time for a watching party:

Bridgey had a great time playing around while the grown-ups set things up…too bad the rain would ruin much of our outdoor plans!

Easter Weekend 2012 793Easter Weekend 2012 799Easter Weekend 2012 802Easter Weekend 2012 803Easter Weekend 2012 804Easter Weekend 2012 807

And this silly girl had so much fun with Arnie that she decided to climb out of the pack-n-play during nap time in favor of running through the rain with the pooch. Sheesh.

Easter Weekend 2012 809Easter Weekend 2012 810Easter Weekend 2012 811Easter Weekend 2012 812Easter Weekend 2012 813

After the Williams’ Easter, it was on to Plano for what’s normally our annual Adamo “picnic”, though thanks to Texas springtime weather – we often get rained out. Indoor picnic it is! We were all smiles when the rain had cleared just in time for us to do some confetti eggs in the front yard with all the cousins (well, not our lovely German ladies! Miss you guys!):

Not interested in sharing this silly worm with Christian Smile

Easter Weekend 2012 823Easter Weekend 2012 821Easter Weekend 2012 825

Egg time!

Easter Weekend 2012 827Easter Weekend 2012 833Easter Weekend 2012 835


Easter Weekend 2012 837Easter Weekend 2012 843Easter Weekend 2012 844Easter Weekend 2012 847Easter Weekend 2012 852Easter Weekend 2012 854Easter Weekend 2012 859Easter Weekend 2012 861Easter Weekend 2012 870Easter Weekend 2012 872Easter Weekend 2012 893

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