Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch #1

Well, I was so disappointed when we didn’t make it out to a pumpkin patch last year. Bridget was such an itty bitty and I’m sure she had a runny nose or something that kept us from going (or was it weather that’s not still 80 degrees in October). Regardless, we finally got a chance to go this year and Jonathan’s family came with us. We got some great shots!

She wasn’t in the greatest of moods upon arrival, so I feared she was going to be in one of her new mindsets: no one can hold me but Mommy or Daddy and they must hold me the whole time though I’ll pretend I want to go down all the time…. IMG_8982

But we put her down and she ran right in on her own!


…and found my favorite teen wizards (no time for Quidditch while you’re hunting pumpkins)!


Then Daddy was sure to introduce her to his favorite Jedis…beware the Dark Side, Bridgey!IMG_8988 

Did you see Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Daddy?? IMG_8992 IMG_8994 

She was a little cautious about entering the Pumpkin House (notice her hands clasped together…when she does her version of “the snake” dance with her arms, that means she’s nervous):


But when she realized she could pick up any pumpkin she wanted, she was all over that sucka!

iPhone love 10-24 031


Daddy! They really let you carry these guys!


Any more outside this shack?


The Big Daddy…


Riding with Grandma :)


Back in the house…and we’ve obviously stumbled a bit already. She had a pretty dirty tush pretty fast!

IMG_9010 IMG_9011 iPhone love 10-24 030

Christina (Jonathan’s sister) and her two boys. Anthony is on the left and Noah is on the right. Such hams (or should I say pumpkin?)!


Here’s me and the sweetums….love it! IMG_9016 

Of all the pumpkins in the patch…


…she chose this beauty:

IMG_9020 IMG_9022

And then she was ready to head on down the dusty trail…


IMG_9025 IMG_9028 IMG_9030 

The boys were psyched about the hayride (so was I!):

 IMG_9032 IMG_9033  

The kids look too cute in this pic for me not to include it…yes, I’m aware I look awful. Blerg!


Waving to Grandma and Grandpa!


It was fun!


This was a REAL treee that had all these amazing characters carved into it…I was super impressed!IMG_9047 

How long has it been since you’ve been on one of these?! Notice Noah (in blue) gripping on for his dear life? The old school merry-go-round is just as you remember it: super fast, totally awesome, and way to dangerous for kids! The boys couldn’t stop talking about it during dinner, so I told them all about Fermin, the fastest kid in my class at Johnson Elementary, and how all the kids wanted Fermin to run with the merry-go-round during recess because he transformed it into a silver spinning scream fest of doom :)


She needed Daddy’s help to take this pic, but I required it!


Then, we met a familiar friend…IMG_9052  

…before we had to pack up and go to dinner. The boys got to ride with us, which Bridget thought was awesome!


All in all we had a great time and I can’t wait to go again with friends later this week. Stay tuned!


  1. I love how Bridget saw the beauty in the pumpkin of her choice. :) Great pics!

  2. Looks like a for the whole family!