Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A trip to see Trip!

Finally, I got to visit precious little man, Trip, at his place this afternoon. His mama, Erin, has been a close friend for over 20 years and though I don’t get to see her often, its always so easy to get together and chat about anything. Today was no different! She’s doing splendidly as a new mommy and its easy to see why…Trip (as in Richard James Stacy III) is an angel!

  B loved Trip’s activity mat! It has sides that can be raised up for easy corralling. Love it! :)


He is a very healthy big boy, but he still felt so small in my arms! Ah!


And, of course, she found the puppies :)IMG_8925 

Who wants to play ball with me? Anyone?


She was having such a great time with all of her furry friends :) I love how much she loves animals!


Proud Mama, Erin (notice her furry baby looking on):


Bridgey doesn’t really care much about babies, but she was interested in Trip once he got down to her level. And she was into that cool swing:


Exploring Trip’s “little man” nursery. That hat rack is adorable! It’s stocked with Trip’s grandpa’s (or is it great-grandpa?!) hats. So special!


I think the fact that she’s reaching for his feet is just precious:


I’ll say it again…its crazy to think Trip will be this big in one short year!


Right as I was packing up, Erin’s sister, Randi came in. I love my Randi!!! So glad Bridget and I got to give her a squeeze and chat for a while. Don’t they look pretty together?


Since Randi came, so did her precious puppy, Madison. Bridget loved her, too, of course. Madi looks like she’s cowering beneath the giant B! Argh!!!


Erin and Randi are also “Williams girls” like me, and we grew up as a mighty two-family Williams clan. We are all planning our Williams full reunion for our favorite restaurant, Via Real, soon….bring on the spinach queso!

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