Friday, October 29, 2010

Well, better late than never!

I took my sweet time to decide whether or not I still wanted to document Bridget’s growth through monthly pictures. It was a tough choice! Now that she’s fully mobile and can climb in and out of the chair, its WAY harder to get the job done. Looking at the camera has gone out the window, and don’t even get me started at trying to get her to smile…those two alone combine for not much fun for mommy. That being said, I had pretty much decided to stop taking the pics. But stopping would mean conceding the fact that my baby is no longer and baby and everyone knows I’m not ready for that! So, here its goes. I’m keeping it up for another year and will officially stop at her 24th month (though I may not take the pic on the 7th EXACTLY anymore…).


Weight: no clue!!! Heavier than all the newborns we’ve been visiting recently :)

Length: eh…long?

Favorite foods: this little stinker is so picky with me! she’s still into avocado, goldfish, bananas, and meatsticks and has added fish sticks to her repretoire. The list pretty much ends here, so she still gets pureed veggies and fruits (I know, *gasp* but what’s a mom to do?!) with me. She’s a great eater with Miss Kathy, so I know its just a phase. She’ll come around!

(side note: just distracted by a Harry Potter: and the Deathly Hallows Part I movie trailer….aghhhh!!! So excited!!!)

Words: mama, dada, uh-oh, baby (and says dada and/or baby when she means “bye-bye”, too)

Favorite things to do: drink from a straw, water the flowers with her watering can (so sweet!), give Penny her tennis ball (just puts it directly in Penny’s mouth…doesn’t understand that she’s supposed to throw it yet!), feel water on our hands (see pic below…all the time!)….this is just a quick list!


Oh yeah…and she finally started a very common baby habit (well, she uses it as a toy so I’m not too concerned!). It’s so funny that she likes these (pacis) now, seeing as how she’d NEVER take them when she was an itty bitty:


And in case you couldn’t read her shirt:


One of my favorite things to get in the mail recently. I love this cute T and love it even more because is was less than $5! Whee!


  1. Yay for more monthly pics! I was hoping you would still do them. Just think of the next 12 months' pics as very "candid." :)

  2. I still mixed pureed veggies together with applesauce for a long time and still sometimes consider the veggies in Horizon's Little Blends yogurt as Alexandra's veggie serving. The little darlings can just be so persnickity sometimes, eh?