Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stopping Down for Storytime

B and I have really enjoyed our opportunities to attend the nearby library for Storytime. We don’t always make it because its nestled right between breakfast and our Kindermusik time and sometimes other things come up, but I was bound and determined to go this week!


She did such a great job sitting at this sweet table with these big boys and played with puzzles…looks like its time for me to buy some puzzles!


Walking into the Storytime Room!


Going over to get her sticker at the end of the program:


When we finished, we strolled down to the boardwalk on the pond and had B’s snack and watched the ducks and the swans. I can’t wait to bring her back next week! She loved it!


Look, Mommy!


Taking a quick stop-down for some yogurt :)


The swans were just so majestic. I really enjoyed getting to describe the different breeds of feathered swimmer. I am my mother’s daughter, what can I say?!

IMG_8955  IMG_8957 

At this point, the swan was swimming right toward her, then he went right under the boardwalk. I couldn’t for the life of me get B to walk to the other side to see him emerge! So silly :)


Next week we’re certainly bringing some bread crumbs (and a blanket due to duck droppings!) so we can feed the ducks like this Grandpa and Grandson did…


One of the best parts of Storytime was that we met a friend! B and I did our regular walk with Penny down to the park this morning where we saw a young mommy and her 20 month old girl. As we started talking, she asked if B and I had been at Storytime this week….she remembered us! I hope to see Sarah (mom) and Cameron (sweet precious girl) next Tuesday!

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