Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This week (um, month?) in Mommyhood

I miss writing this post! I need to put up more regular posts with this title again. Well, here’s today’s info:

Miss B has really been showing her colors recently when it comes to eating. Man, is she picky! Just when I think I’ve found something that’s “go-to” for her, she tosses it to the side and refuses to eat it. Grr!

She never stopped liking babyfood (except a small phase that lasted about 2 weeks when she was around 9 months), but since she’s a big girl now she needs to be eating table food. Alas, she will not eat fruits and veggies (except banana and avocado)…at all! However, she will still eat the pureed version of most (peaches are totally out the window, for example). My answer? I still give her babyfood on occasion. Is that bad? Feel free to be honest. I just want my girl to get what she needs now that she’s not having formula anymore.

It’s such a hard transition! Most of her baby friends are great eaters but she is just a little fussy Fiona. Blah.

Something that started working today? She wants to use utensils! I’ve started teaching her how to use her fork again and she’s eating much more of her food. Phew! We used this technique a few months back but then didn’t really need it anymore so we took it away and she was fine. Well welcome back, Mr. Fork! Thanks for all of your help…

Things she’ll eat (though none of these will she ALWAYS eat):

chicken nuggets, fish sticks, mac n’ cheese, avocado, banana, wheat waffle, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, cooked carrots (its been a while since she’s accepted this), meat sticks (think Vienna Sausages), grilled chicken, turkey cubes, string cheese, cheese cubes…

Notice the lack of fruits and veggies? I’ve tried EVERY fruit (I can’t believe she doesn’t like any of them!) and most veggies. Suggestions are more than welcome!

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