Sunday, October 17, 2010

State Fair: Year in Review

Another wonderful year for the Adamos at the Texas State Fair has gone by. Oh, how I love trips to my favorite childhood hooky-from-school destination (my mom used to make me and my sisters out of school for one full day each fall just to go to the Fair), especially now that I have my little turkey to share it with.

Although I only made it once last year (that’s what an itty-bitty will do to your schedule), I usually try to make it 3 times each season. This year I succeed and made it 3 times. Once with Jonathan (our friend, Donald, joined us), once with my mom, and once with Amanda (our friend Ashlee and her 9 month old, Catherine, met us there)…each and every trip with Baby B!

Family pic for 2010:


We didn’t get a family pic last year, and maybe it was because it was super cold and raining :):


We always stroll through both car buildings (Donald checking out a Subaru):


Jonathan in a sweet ride:


Me and B sharing a car photo op last year:


Corn Dog….yumm….Fletcher’s stand….


The Food Court is a must visit (they have the cheapest beer prices of all there!):


Donald opted for the fried S’mores Poptart….WAYYY better than the fried beer! Ick!

IMG_8569  IMG_8571

She’ll be a patron for the arts, for sure:


We stayed late enough to see the parade, and even stumbled upon it right before it officially began. Fun!


B and Daddy hangin’ out at “Jonathan’s Place”


Watching crazies fly right over us!

IMG_8593 IMG_8585 

She and Donald are showing off their moves to “All the Single Ladies”…it was hilarious!


I love this one! My little noodle doodle :)


The Happy Couple!


Her first time to the petting zoo…I’m a little scared, Mom!


She was clinging so tightly to Grammy!



Our annual trip to Hans Mueller! It was bittersweet because Jonathan wasn’t there to toast to German beer :)


The crazy seniors crowding the Food & Fiber Building squeezing their arms through the masses to swipe one of the many free samples they had available. Bah! It was madness! That woman in the purple had just cut in front of me (I didn’t even know I was in a line!) as I took this picture, and then when I met my mom at the free quesadilla line (the only one we wanted and knew existed)  and I had started telling her about this crazy lady….up rolls purple shirt and CUTS IN FRONT OF US! I was cracking up…good times, 65+ers!)


My mom had just attended a Junior League leadership retreat where she met a woman who’s daughter had received a blue ribbon at the fair for woodworking. We found that girls’ structure and my mom sent her mom a phone pic of it! Yay!


Petting Zoo trip #2 with Amanda (this is why I need 3 trips…required one with Mom, required one with Jonathan, required one with Amanda):


This baby llama had just been born two days prior to our visit!


Ashlee and I felt so badly for this tired pig Mama! And check out all 5 ladies by Big Tex…I think we can take him!

IMG_8862 IMG_8867

A celebratory cheap beer from the Food Court. Yay for playing hooky from work!


Another year of the fair and I am still never disappointed (except when the Budweiser Clydesdales stopped coming…they were a favorite of mine and Amanda’s). I can’t wait for next year!!!

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  1. You know....I don't know if I've ever been to the State Fair. *GASP!*