Monday, October 4, 2010

Playing with new friends

Bridget and I were invited by Christy and Annabelle to join a fun, local playgroup in Carrollton. We had the best time meeting all the moms and kiddos! These little ones all met as babies in the CFB daycare and they and their moms have been meeting up ever since. Such a fun crew!

She loved this toy!


In awe of the organization bins!


This sweet rocking horse has been in our host’s family for many years. It was a big hit with all the wee ones!

IMG_8534 IMG_8535

Fun with (attempted) group shots:

IMG_8538 IMG_8539 IMG_8541 IMG_8543 IMG_8544

Bridgey has the biggest smile in this one! She was totally content to bounce on the couch as we figured out the squirmy ones:


The closest we go to just kiddos:


Sitting by her good friend, Annabelle :)


I loved these adorable plastic food toys (and so did all the kids!). There was corn on the cob, a chicken thigh, pizza, and more and they all looked 100% real. Perfect! Too bad our host purchased them years ago and they weren’t even designed to be toys. Let me know if you ever see anything similar!


She loves playing with other little friends. My little social butterfly :).

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