Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dada!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Jonathan’s birthday with a trip to our favorite hole in the wall, Los Jalapenos. They love Bridget there and we love them for that :).

How precious does she look in her dress??

 IMG_8822 IMG_8824

Jonathan is not a big baked goods guy (I know! How did I marry this guy??), so I whipped up his favorite dessert: chocolate pie. Notice the colored flames on the candles? Got ‘em at Hallmark for a good price and the novelty was totally worth it! A green flame? Awesome!


And I wonder why she’s the Adventure Baby that she is…hmmm…

IMG_8828 IMG_8829


For some grown-up fun, here are a few pics from our annual Adamo Oktoberfest (also serves as Jonathan’s birthday party):

Bridgey playing in her fort that Jonathan likes to build for her (look at that hair!)

 IMG_8669  IMG_8671

Us girls checking out the decorations:

IMG_8677 IMG_8678

Man of the hour looking particularly intense:


Can’t remember why we’re being silly…beer, maybe?


Penny was a fan favorite:


Do you like how much I dressed up? No make-up, hair is not fixed, but gosh darnit the house looks good and the food is ready!


Nerd alert: the bones came out (I was not a fan)


We played many a mean game of Cornhole:




Our friend went around and took a pic of everyone with the German flag toothpick…here a few examples:

IMG_8726 IMG_8729 IMG_8736 IMG_8747 

Good times, as always!

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