Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 7, 2010…

Well, it finally arrived. Bridget’s 1st birthday! I can’t believe what a whirlwind this first year has been, but its been such a memorable adventure. I just got my FREE Picaboo book in the mail yesterday, and I designed it with pictures from our first year as a family…it was a delightful stroll down memory lane.

Well, here are some pics of me and B’s day together on her real birthday. It was fairly mundane, but I enjoyed the special time we got to spend together (it was a Tuesday, so I didn’t have to work…what timing!).

This is what greets me every morning. Good morning, Starshine!


Her morning Penny chase (it was the super flood day, so its still dark out)


And her loving “hello” to the cat…


Playing with some new toys (check out that rain outside!):

IMG_8223 IMG_8224

And some old toys, too (I love her face here!):


Mommy made banana pancakes, just for the birthday girl:


And had some lookers-on, too:




She ate every bite!


Enjoying her new “Yo Gabba” CD :)


Mommy taking her monthly pic (though it was so dark out that I ended up taking more later…you’ll see in her monthly pic post). Gimme a hug!


We went to her 1 year check-up in the afternoon and look what we found in the book bin! A German book! I had to take a pic and send it to Jonathan’s sister, Heather, and fam all the way in Frankfurt. It was perfect, except that we didn’t have any beautiful blonde German girls to read it for us :(


B was full of adventurous energy in that doctor’s room!


I quickly learned that this cabinet’s child-lock didn’t work:


She wouldn’t stop climbing on this platform under the exam table…there was space between it and wall and she ended up scraping her chest and arm on it (of course, she didn’t flinch at all):


Heave!!!! B attempting to pick up Mom’s extremely heavy purse (at least, people always tell me its too heavy). She’s so strong!IMG_8270

Us with Dr. Berkowitz. We love him!!!


Sniff, sniff…its official :(


B’s favorite part of the doctor’s office:IMG_8279

Her second favorite part is visiting the nurses. They love her!


Since Daddy had Meet the Teacher that night, B and I braved the downpour and drove to his new school to visit him there for the first time for both of us. His head director, Katie, collects penguins and that’s the first thing B went to when I put her down! I’ll have to take a pic of her whole penguin shelf next time…its awesome!


Meeting Gabriel…with the penguin, of course!


Daddy’s band hall:


We couldn’t make the drive to MMS without visiting our favorite smiley librarian, Jill! B had a great time running through the lanes of shelves in the beautiful new library. We love you, friend!!!

IMG_8286 IMG_8288

The Maus Middle School team with their little mascot:


Is it too early for her to choose an instrument?


Time to say “bye” to the penguin :(. It was a big day of fun but my little noodle doodle was tired and cranky from getting her shots, so we zipped on home for night night. Happy birthday, my angel!!!



  1. Three comments:
    1. Love the '1' pancake!
    2. I am so impressed with my free Picaboo book, too...can't wait to share them with each other!
    3. I love my special Bridgey Girl and am so glad I got to see her on her 'birth'day and on her 1st birthday!!!

  2. I may have to steal that pancake idea! I can't believe she's already one. She's so cute! I just love her.