Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crashing Daddy’s workplace

One of my favorite things about being home with B every other day is the opportunity to go visit Jonathan at work. Sure, he’s a middle school band director, so you assume he has better hours than the high school slave-drivers. You would be correct! But keep in mind, those high school guys leave the house before 6am and don’t get home til 9pm, and that’s a early night. Don’t forget about Football Fridays (midnight end) and Marching Band Saturdays (all day) during the fall. Blah! Well, middle school dudes still work WAY more than your average teacher…bless his heart. I am always working harder at being understanding of his schedule. Is it all that selfish for me to want him to be home to play with me?? :)

We got to visit Daddy twice last week, so I had to document. I’ve also tossed in a few pics of previous visits. Hasn’t my girl gotten big??

We both loved Jonathan’s head director at his last middle school, Kelly. She is such a delight! Here she is meeting B for the first time (October ‘09):



B and I took in Jonathan’s Christmas performance with the Carrollton Wind Symphony. It was her first concert and she did so well! (December ‘09):


I zipped home after school at the end of the year so B and I could see Daddy’s Pioneers of Jazz performance. We were so proud of him! (May 2010):


Seeing Daddy at his new campus on B’s birthday last week:


Last week, B and I crashed a Happy Hour at Mattito’s for one of J’s teammates. There was a balloon guy there that night and she was instantly frozen with interest as he made the birthday girl (well, the birthday girl that work’s with Jonathan) a hat:



The balloon man spotted B and proceeded to create something for my birthday girl. She wasn’t so sure at first:


Hmm…is this going to end well?


He worked for a good 5 minutes making this impressive bunny. As soon as the balloon thingy got a face, she was ready to make friends:


Yay for the birthday girl!


As soon as biting was discovered, Mommy had to put Bunny to the side :)


On Friday, Jonathan’s band had a family get-together at a Frisco park and he invited us to come meet the kiddos and parents. Isn’t my Bridgie adorable in her leopard kicks?? She LOVED the park!


Warms my little heart:


It was no surprise to us to see her making friends with other kids. Even though she’s younger than all the rest, she’s never afraid to run right up to youngsters and expect a friendly greeting!


And another friend (hmm, all boys recently…should I be worried? hehehe)


Those toddler boys weren’t interesting enough. Time to meet the middle schoolers!


Have I mentioned her “adventure baby” status??


Kisses for Daddy!


She didn’t want to leave the swings, and even when we thought she’d hit her limit (it was already 30 minutes past her bedtime) and started to leave, she demanded to be put back in for a few more pushes from Daddy. Wheee!!!



I love that happy face! It’s time to plan our next visit with Daddy…



  1. This last picture is my favorite -- LOVE her!!!

  2. Such a proud Daddy!! Cute pics, too!!!

  3. I L-O-V-E that last picture, too! She's adorable!!