Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ah, the birthday…more party pics!

Less talky, more showy. Most of these pics should explain themselves so I’ll try to refrain for blog chattiness…I said I’ll try :).


The inside of the deliciously awesome tie-dye cupcakes:Version 3 zoom DSC_1047 - Version 2

Adrianne’s mom (loving referred to as Mama Donna):006

B loved her tutu I made for her. It was so easy to do and ended up looking perfect! I also made the “1” onesie but didn’t get a great pic of it…oh well!

DSC_0608 DSC_0626

Lovin’ on Daddy:


She wasn’t interested in her cake…until she turned it upside down (didn’t like the icing?? who’s child is this?? oh…one more way she’s like her Daddy)


Grammy cleaned her all off:


Pop letting her chew on stuff she’s not supposed to (that’s not a bad pic of the onesie…I outlined the “1” in silver fabric paint to match the little silver bows I put on her tutu):

DSC_0968 - Version 2

This is a great pic of Jonathan with his parents (I can NEVER get a good pic of all of them ‘cause there’s always so much going on…I love this one!):


The boys making their tie-dye:


Annabelle helping Christy with her’s (Julie and I think she’s a little baby genius like Oliver!):

bridget's party 11 

Loot, glorious loot! Let the Thank You cards begin…


Lovin’ the real cell phone Annabelle gave B in her special purse full of goodies:


The A Team (Annabelle and Abigail) looking very sneaky…I wonder what plans they’re hatching in those baby genius brains??

bridget's party 4

Sharing cake with Mommy:


The PERFECT book from Lyd and Oli! It made me tear up…


The PERFECT CD from Lyd and Oli! “Yo Gabba Gabba”, of course!


Me almost crying at this precious gift from Mama Donna. I had to hand it off to Jonathan to keep from crying! I’ll take a closer up pic later for you to see :)


Jonathan never likes to call her “Princess”, so Mama Donna and Miss Vicki gave her a crown…silly ladies!


More cake pics:

IMG_8097 IMG_8099  


It was a wonderfully memorable day. Certainly worth the 3 hours of sleep I got the night before!!! I can’t wait to plan her 2nd birthday…


  1. Love the tie-dye pictures. Loved the party. And we love Bridget! :)

  2. Um...I HAVE to know how to make those cupcakes. Awesome.