Friday, September 24, 2010

Loving kisses

My noodle doodle loves giving kisses…I’ve worked for this day for months, people! She’ll give any animal toy (stuffed or not) a kiss on demand, but she’s choosier with Mommy and Daddy. Miss Kathy (her new sitter) taught her how to blow kisses last week and yesterday she did it about 20 times in the car. So sweet!

She has recently discovered this cruise pic of me and Jonathan that resides in our bedroom. Everytime we come into the bedroom now, she runs over to it, points to him and says, “Dada!”. It’s so sweet!!! She loves her Daddy!!! Two days ago, when she did her normal routine with the pic, I said to her, “can you give Dada a kiss?”. She planted a big one right on his face. It warmed my heart and made me smile. I’m so glad I ran and got the camera to capture the memory.

iPhone love take 3 057 iPhone love take 3 056 

Here she is earlier in the week showing off Daddy’s picture:


Clapping for her good work!


Mommy keeps trying to get her to point to the other person in the picture. I’m still waiting…


Ah, those girls really love their Daddies!

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  1. Bridget seriously has the best personality and temperament ever. She better teach Miss P some lessons! :)