Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anna, BC (that’s “before child”)

Thinking back to this time last year…

Next baby, I’m totally not starting my belly pics until I ACTUALLY have a belly :) Ah, novice mistake!

 IMG_3158 IMG_3161 IMG_3176 IMG_3181 IMG_3232 IMG_3235 IMG_3326 IMG_3385 IMG_3459 IMG_3524IMG_3608 

I couldn’t forget my pic, even though I was enjoying the beach in Hilton Head!

IMG_3748 IMG_4087

Look how little Penny is!

IMG_4121 IMG_4281 IMG_4343

We took this right before going to dinner with Jonathan’s parents. I’d been “uncomfortable” for about 2 days but hadn’t had an single contraction (not even Braxton Hicks). Reasons why I convinced Jonathan to go to the jazz show at Monica’s that night. Of course, my first contraction came at 11:59pm and the following ones were less than 5 minutes apart. I never got the “gradual” labor like they describe in class! It’s just like everyone says, “All babies are different”…don’t we know it?!IMG_4375


  1. What great pics! You are so lucky that you have all those belly pics. I took very few with my babies (I only have one of Ethan :( ), and I really wish I would've now! Glad Bridget had a super fun birthday! We need to play again soon!

  2. I love this post!!!!!!! Interesting you mention the shivers with the epidural because I totally had this and didn't know what was causing it! B is so precious and it is really fun to read your reflection a year later. We can both join the two hour pushing club. Ugh, I wish I fell asleep in between pushing!