Friday, September 24, 2010

Pretty, Pretty Princess Preslie!

Bridget and I were so glad to finally meet the beautiful Preslie Lauren yesterday when we drove out to my long-time friend, Meagan’s house. It was a lovely day outside and my drive through my old stomping grounds was delightful. Meagan is doing wonderfully, seeing as how she had some serious complications post-delivery. I told her I never would have known at all after her cherry mood and willingness to chat for an hour (that’s an eternity for a Mommy with a newborn!). Plus, her house was spotless. Who has a spotless house when a newborn is in the picture? So impressed!

Also, Miss P was awake practically the whole time we were there and she was a sweet, quiet angel while Meagan and I chatted about all things baby. Of course, Bridget made her needs known a little more vocally, but at least Rocky (their precious puppy) gave her a run for her money for a while!


She loved playing with all of Rocky’s toys:


Noticing Preslie for the first time…she was mildly interested but, as usual, tried to bring her everything as her way of “sharing” :)


Making herself at home:


She got noticibly more interested as soon as Mommy picked up Preslie:


She looks so tiny in my huge arms! What a beautiful girl!


And Meagan got a chance to see what it will feel like holding Preslie a year from now. It’s amazing how much they grow in such a short time:



Since we were nearby, we stopped at Southlake Town Square to drop off something for my HS reunion (that’s right…it’s been 10 years!). B loved the acoustics in City Hall! I’m not so sure the staff enjoyed that as much…but didn’t she look cute??

iPhone love take 3 053


  1. Awe!!! I love, love, love this post!!!!! Hehehe. Bridget and Preslie will become quite fond of each other as soon as Preslie can become fond of people. Hehehe. I am sooooo glad you guys came!!!! We ate a microwave lunch (hehe) and crashed after you left... We had a blast! Bridget was too cute and I loved how she put her shoe in the swing.

  2. That pic of you holding the new baby with B standing guard reminds me if a sweet & similar pic I took just about a year ago. :) LOVE new babies - congrats to your friend!