Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let it be written…(12 months!)



Oh, my little lady is such a big girl. Here’s what she’s been up to since August 7th:

-walking perfectly, and when she sees a bigger kiddo run, she takes a few running steps herself!

-transitioning from formula bottles to whole milk in the sippy (its not an easy change for her…sad face)

-transitioning from two naps to one for the sake of the babysitter’s day (its also not easy for her, my little napper!)

-says “Dada” and “Mama” all the time and recently started saying “Bay-Bee” which seems to be her favorite word. It’s so sweet when she’s on her changing table saying “Mama” and pointing at me and then says “Bay-bee” (I separate because she takes a sweet pause between the syllables) and I point at her. Makes my heart warm!

-more clingy than she’s ever been

-has 6 (going on 7) teeth…I was so sad when she started getting teeth because I didn’t believe anything could be as cute as that toothless grin…well, I was wrong!

-can now eat anything she wants. Love meat sticks (gross!), avocado (of course), cheese, scrambled eggs, graham crackers…and the list goes on

-cries more in the car (this sucks! she’s always been a good car baby)

-climbs, climbs, climbs on everything (fireplace, stairs, pillows, bathtub, pets, etc.)

-working on the “blowing kisses” move as well as adding more vocabulary (to her current count of 3!)


Love you, baby B!

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