Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dye-ing to Party!!!

Bridget’s birthday party was this past Saturday and it was pretty much all I’d dreamed it would be. Though I certainly enjoy my homebody time, I always love spending time with friends and often end up doing that at our place. When it comes to “organized Adamo events”, I often have big plans in mind and then realize how in over my head I’ve gotten myself. This party was no different because as soon as I’d thought of the Tie Dye Party, the ideas just kept flowing and I had to have it all!

I got some great ideas from blogs (invitations, cupcakes, photo print deals, tissue poms) as well as friends (cleaning service, free vinyl banner), but I’m also proud to say that I came up with some darn good ideas myself! Wahoo! My favorite? The party favors…every little friend that came got to dye their own shirt/onesie and take it home in their individual baggie with instructions for washing and wearing. It worked great (except that I forgot to tell people to wear gloves again at home to take the shirt out of the bag! Oops!).

Here are a few pics, though I plan on posting a couple more times about the party:

Thanks, Jill, for telling me about the free banner! It looked PERFECT!

 Jill 2

We recycled Mandy’s wedding cupcake stand by covering it with brightly colored wrapping paper ($1.25 for 8 rolls at IKEA). It fit in just right!

Jill 3

I did my best to place a picture of all our party friends around the house so they’d have a pic of themselves to see (though I ran out of frames in the end and ran out of time to go buy more…but I tried!)

Jill 4

Tie-dye cupcakes (see a post soon with pics of the inside!)

Jill 5

My tissue poms were made with tissue from the Dollar Tree ($1 for 50 sheets) and ribbon scraps from Hobby Lobby ($1.99 for a bag of about 15 2-yd ribbon strips):

Jill 6 Jill 7

The tie-dye set up (thanks, Jill, for such great blog-ready pics!):Jill 10

Me and the birthday girl! I’ll include more pics of the homemade tutu and onesie in a later post :)

Jill 13


  1. Cute party!!!

    Um....Bridgey looks totally different. She's getting so big!

  2. Yea -- happy birthday, Bridget! And, how did we miss our picture hidden somewhere in your house...how fun! What a great idea!!!

  3. Hey Anna! So great to see you on here! You have a precious little girl!