Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life #2: Year One

Well, this time last year I’d been full on pushing in my L & D room for an hour and still had another hour and 17 minutes to go. At this point, I clearly remember having thought for the first 30 minutes…”I’ve got this!”…the epidural numbness was even a little disappointing because I was so prepared for pain, however wasn’t feeing A THING. How foolish was I?

The second 1/2 hour found me thinking, “OK, now I’m starting to get a little tired. Let’s get to the end of this rodeo!”. By 11:00am, I was 100% asleep (if you’re aware, Jonathan was at Monica’s in Deep Ellum when I got my 1st contraction at 11:59pm, we went to the hospital at 2am and I got 2 hours of “sleep” the entire night after that – though I had the worst convulsing shivers from my epidural that sleep wasn’t really an option) and when it was time to push, Jonathan and the nurses (I had the most outstanding two-nurse team. They were opposites in their approach, which was so wonderful for me ‘cause I got to try different techniques) would wake me up and help…then I’d fall back asleep.


When I finally heard the word “vacuum” I was in heaven! They asked how I felt about it and I was like, “duh! get her out of here!” As soon as Dr. Ryder (my regular OB was sick but came up to see us the next day-wearing a surgical mask!) came in again, she popped that vacuum on B’s big head and out she slid…ah, sweet relief!!! I’ll never forget that feeling of relief, completion, accomplishment. Oh, and by that point they’d stopped replacing my epidural juice (my fancy name for it) so I was certainly not numb…and I’m thankful for that.

Her first picture:


First time Grandparents!:


How did I manage to look so awesome?? Hehehehe…:


Let the celebrations begin (My dad, Jonathan, Jonathan’s Dad, Bridget’s twin – Cory’s birthday is also September 7th!):


Snuggles (my little tree frog!):


More celebrations (we used our wedding day champagne glasses):


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