Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where has the time gone??

I hate to post a bunch of things all at once, so let me just preface by saying how crazy life has been recently (well, when is it not? but now is REALLY crazy). With school ending, Bridget crawling...and pulling up/standing, Jonathan having to do double duty with his job switch (not his choice, but it is what it is), me completing my Kindermusik training, and life in general there's just no time to put up everything I want! Thank the Lord the weekend is almost here and that school's I have more time to post!

A few tidbits to look forward to:

Anniversary Weekend!
Jazz Under the Stars
Bridget crawling and pulling up videos (hilarity!!!)
3-Day Update
Fat, fat the water rat (that's me)
It's official...part tres
Retirement from teaching!

So much to say. So little time. Only one laptop. A baby that's obsessed with said laptop so Mommy can never work on it while she's around (that's for the best, actually, so I'm glad she does that!).

Til then, friends!