Sunday, June 13, 2010

This Moment in Mommyhood

Well, as I attempt to write this post, I’m watching/listening to Bridget on her monitor as she fights her morning nap somethin’ awful! She is a fabulous sleeper almost all the time, but now that she has fluid in her ears (not “official” ear infection, but might as well be) AND she’s teething like crazy with these darn top teeth that are taking forever to cut in, she’s actually having a hard time sleeping. So sad!!

This cry it out stuff can be so hard on your heart. I’m just thankful I haven’t had to suffer through it any more than I already have. Jonathan and I have been so lucky to have such an awesome baby, but ever the mighty must fall :). Doesn’t she look sad? Here’s a pic at her 9 month doctor appointment right after she’d gotten her finger pricked and squeezed. She was crying before it even started…


Her appointment went well besides the news about ear fluid. Hopefully the meds she’s on now will clear it up, but she’s got a follow up appointment next month to check and see what’s really going on. If the fluid remains, we may have to talk to the doc about more serious steps (tubes?? ugh…). We’ll see. For now, we’re just doing what we’re told. She’s 17.7 pounds (25 percentile), 27 1/2 inches (50 percentile, but I think they mismeasured…she’s so long!) and her head size is, like, 75 percentile. Big head girl!

Here’s our newest challenge of late….changing a diaper and putting on clothes before she turns and tries to bail. We’ve got about 1.5 seconds before the ordeal begins. Awesome.

IMG_7158 IMG_7161

Such a goober…and in case you were wondering, she’s still crying. Time to give in a go get her up. Oh wait! She’s sat down…we’ll see where this goes. I wish I had a time lapse option here on this post :)

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