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As you may remember, I am currently working to become a certified Kindermusik instructor. My classes for the fall are already lined up for Monday and Saturday mornings in Coppell and I’m so excited to start. I was pumped a few months ago when the possibility arose, but now I’m so excited….because B and I started our 1st Mommy & Baby class together two weeks ago and its so much fun! Of course, we are taking Miss Jeanie’s class (she will officially be my “boss” because she owns most of the KM classes in the North DFW area) and she’s just amazing. Yay! Here’s the link to her program, in case you are interested in checking out a class near you:

Smart Start Music with Jeanie Roemer (

All KM classes are split into age groups for a total of 6 levels. The first level is called “Village” and its for babies 0-18 months (yes, I said ZERO months!). The youngest baby in our class is 5 months and the oldest is 16 months and our group works so well. Granted, Miss Jeanie is THE BEST, but I can’t imagine using this curriculum and it not being fun for both mommies (or daddies…or grandparents….etc) and babies alike.

Kindermusik Village

I will being my practicum teaching next month (sounds fancy, but its way laid back for all your teachers/former teachers) and will teach a Village class to some friends with small babies. We’re going to use the same lessons as my current Village class and I can’t wait. For practicum, we’re supposed to have 5 parent/child pairs but for me we currently have one 6 mo boy, 2 9 mo girls (B and Abby, of course!), 1 set of 11 mo twins, a 12 mo boy, an 8 mo girl, and possibly another 8 mo girl and 6 mo girl…whatever happens it will be super fun. Jonathan will be the parent for Bridget and I’ll be content with my teddy bear fake baby as I lead the 5 weekly sessions. Wish me luck!

Here are a few pics of B and me at a KM program we attended last week in Allen. This is a summer camp for “Older Child” kids in semesters 1-4 so its very similar to my kindergarten classes (these are ages 5-7). So cute!! And amazing stuff they could do…I can’t wait to see B do all that stuff…or at least try!

Notice the piano in the background? Every student played a piece and most were adorable duets with that blonde teacher you see. Awesome!


My little music teacher heart loved seeing all the Orff instruments they used!


An action shot :)


We were more interested in exploring everything, as usual:IMG_7172

Check out Kindermusik if you think you’re interested! This website (and the one I listed above) both offer free coupons to attend a class, and it never hurts to check it out. Music is fun!!!

Kindermusik Homepage (

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