Saturday, June 5, 2010

To tide you (and me) over

I've been disappointed that I haven't had time to post more videos of Bridget and all the things she's been doing. Main reason? It takes so dang long for the videos to upload and I get annoyed! Well, babies grow super fast and that's definitely no lie but man have the last few weeks been astonishing. I can't keep up! She started crawling on May 6th and less than a month later she looks like she's about to walk. Tear. She's not interested in any of her toys unless she can pull up on them and then try to stand on her own.

I know this happens with all babies and every mommy has to endure the pain on their baby growing up but why does it have to happen so fast?!?! Oh, right. So we'll get the urge to have more and therefore forget about all the pains of pregnancy, delivery, and the first few weeks. Duh! Asked and answered :).

Well, here's her original crawling video again as well as an updated version. She's just the more precious jewel in my crown of life that I'm blessed to say is full of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and all. Ah....does the fact that its 8:45am and she's still asleep contribute to this happy mood? Perhaps. Now I'm going to wake her up so we can enjoy the morning weather before it disappears (and allow the videos time to load!).

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  1. Yay Bridgett! Love the videos! It is so incredibly sad that during their first year they grow so fast. Tear. Don't you just hold her sometimes when she's sleeping and just take it all in? Oh, how sweet they are!