Friday, May 28, 2010

Phew! That’s been 5 crazy years :)

Happy Anniversary to me and my amazing husband! Jonathan and I met  7 years ago (I’d heard about him…he was well known through the College of Music, of course…that’s what 9 years of being there will do) at a mutual friend’s party for about 5 minutes. I was already annoyed by his reputation and was about a month away from breaking up with my HS boyfriend who thought Jonathan was the coolest ever. Not impressed.

After the breakup, we ended up having a class together (Woodwinds Methods-everyone learns how to play all the woodwind instruments….methods classes were a blast! nerd alert!) with only about 15 other people. It was so much fun. He told me he liked my tote bag (he loves Renoir and there was a print on the bag…again, nerd alert). I told him we’d already met. He was embarrassed. It was perfect! Later that week, we met again for a smaller party (college, people) and I complained about my car breaking down. He, of course, said he could fix it. Swooping in trying to impress me…boys are so full of it. Well, he didn’t fix it after 4 hours of trying but after that we were both hooked. Two years later we were taking the plunge!

He’s my best friend and my baby daddy. I couldn’t ask for a more caring, understanding, patient partner in life. I love him so much!!!!

Some of my favorite pics of the day:

Our beautiful church, Christ the King. Its so traditional!


Maybe my favorite pic of all (though I thought that for a lot of the rest of these). Cory is so sensitive. That’s why he’s Jonathan’s BFF :) Side note: Cory dyed his hair, like, a week before the ceremony. Kept it for two weeks then went back to normal. Ugh. So Cory…


Williams girls :)


Our niece, Ella. She was so adorable that night and she can be a drama queen. Just perfect.


Us being us:


Our amazing band that Jonathan’s friends put together (they all play each other’s weddings as their gift). They were pretty much all One O’Clock players over a 5 year timespan, which on a regular booking would cost about $15,000. For us? Free. Love that perk.


Adamo family pic. Even Hannah and Noah were there! They were just safely stuffed in Heather and Christina’s bellies :). I love this pic!


I may have mentioned in an earlier blog about our rain luck. It rained for both of our engagement picture sessions. My bridal sessions. And all day on our wedding. It was supposed to rain the day before (when Jonathan was a groomsman in one of his groomsman’s wedding outside at the Arboretum…can you follow that?) and not at all on our day. We were all glad that Phil and Elena had a rain-free (but broiling) outdoor wedding on Friday the 27th, but we missed out on some outdoor pics on our day. I was totally okay with that!


Jonathan really wanted to use his Focus as the getaway car. Who was I to say no? He was so pumped about it. As our friends partied in the suite room we’d had all day (not our honeymoon suite, of course, which was AH-MAZING…and we have zero pics of ‘cause we were tired…can we say 3 bathrooms, two bedrooms, a dining room, full bar…need I go on?), we drove to my parents to get Jonathan some clothes. He brought nothing but the tux on his back. Silly boys! On our way back to the party, we stopped at 7-11 to get me a Slurpee and they gave it to us for free ‘cause we were still in our garb. If I’d been blogging back then you know I’d have taken a pic of that!


Phew! This blog is neverending. That just goes to show how fun walking down memory lane can be. It was an amazingly wonderful day and I can’t stop smiling now that Jonathan and I have gone back through our pictures and laughed about it all. Ah…we’d better start saving for a vow-renewal ceremony and do it all over again! :)

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