Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Week in Mommyhood (walking?!)

Well, as I worked on putting B down for a nap today (during the bounce/sing time!), I started thinking about how I'd almost seen her take her first step today. Yep. I had to shake my way through the end of the song 'cause I was about to cry! No, she's not officially walking, but Jonathan has seen her start stepping with her firetruck-walker-thingy and as she was standing up (without holding onto anything) she took a step forward to catch her was as close as we've gotten so far and I swear I'm not encouraging anything! Sniff, sniff...then I proceed to tear up as I watched her in her crib (via awesome baby camera) as she sat, criss-crossed, "reading" her soft bug book and "singing" to herself. I was just a mess. Memories:


  1. Well, thanks a lot for that little tear on my end, too...awwww -- love these babies!