Friday, June 18, 2010

These Babies are HILARIOUS!

B has been enjoying visiting with baby friends in these first few weeks of summer (before we migrate North to cooler weather for 2 weeks!) and its been so fun to watch the little ones interact…or, dare I say, PLAY?! Annabelle and her mommy, Christy, a fabulous 1st grade teacher from my school, came over for breakfast the other day and all went swimmingly. Pigs in a blanket, sugar-free muffins (thanks, C!), and good old fashioned giggly fun was a great start to a summer day.

Here’s a mix of Christy’s a my photos from the day:

IMG_7272bridget breakfast 1

Annabelle wanted to play chase…check out the videos at the end of the post for more of this awesomeness:bridget breakfast 5IMG_7281 

Christy indulging B in camera play…her favorite!!IMG_7277

Isn’t she pretty???


“Sharing” a toy:

IMG_7280 bridget breakfast 6  bridget breakfast 3 

My attempt at capturing the “chase” on video, though B gets distracted in the first clip. Continue on to the second to see the conclusion :)

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