Tuesday, June 8, 2010

9 Months!


Where has my baby gone?? She’s such a big girl now. Just like I mentioned when she went from 3-4 months, this month has been so exciting. So much has happened! Though these babies really do grow like weeds (and our weeds grow fast this time of year!), there are definitely some months that just amaze me. It’s like I can see her brain honing skills and developing by the moment. I cherish every minute with her! Here are a few highlights:

-after 5 months of “dada”, her new favorite utterance is now “mama”….priceless…

-she cannot be contained. crawling everywhere. ev.ry.where.

-pulling up to standing on anything that will stay still long enough for her to use for her own will

-not as interested in toys because there’s too much to pull up on

-crawls over to her book box daily and sifts through the choices…adorable!

-stopped eating baby food in favor of table food only (cooked carrots, avocado, waffles, beets, anything mommy could think of!)

-started eating baby food again….thank God!

-eats Cheerios

-ALWAYS has to be waked up (this is a recent occurance)…she’s a sleeper! Phew!

-sleeps in a plain onesie only

-her long locks require a ponytail all the time (daddy still won’t let us cut it!)

-loves to be in the water…summer, here we come!

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