Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anniversary Weekend…lovin’ it!


We had a great weekend celebrating our 5th anniversary. Bridget had her first overnight experience, seeing as how Jonathan’s sister, Christina, volunteered to watch her for us. Ahh. A whole 24 hours with no baby! She had a great time with her cousins, Anthony and Noah, and was a super sleeper…but what’s new :)

Jonathan and I have done the hotel stay in Dallas every anniversary we’ve had, save #1. Well, we went to Europe for a month then so that’ll have to do! Here are some pics of us at our stays over the years:

1. First Anniversary: backpacking through Europe (here we are at Stonehenge)

Europe 2006 016

2. Second Anniversary: Four Seasons Dallas (magical!)

Europe 2006 1231

We had so much fun on this one, I thought I’d throw in another pic. It’s one of my all time favorite A and J shots (what we do if the "self timer" element of cameras had never been invented?!?!):

Europe 2006 1234

3. Third Anniversary: The Fairmont (our first official Downtown stay…and we liked it so much we may just go back next year)


4. Fourth Anniversary: The Adolphus (glad we stayed there, but we were underwhelmed…it was our last anniversary before B so it will always be special!)


Since we stayed two nights (our tradition before this year, now that we have parental duties!), one night we decided to go to Monica’s Aca y Alla (awesome!) to see a salsa band made up of some close friends and both my sister, Betsy, and Cory came. Funny to think about it now, but Monica’s salsa night was the same place Jonathan was on the night I went into labor! I’d made him go ‘cause I knew he wanted to really bad but he was afraid to leave me alone in case I started having contractions…well, he was right to be nervous! Ah, memories….

5. Fifth Anniversary: Hyatt Reunion Tower (and we went to see “Wicked” for the 4th time!)

IMG_7037 Dinner at Iron Cactus, then to the theater! I was bummed that the Reunion Tower bar was closed at 11:50 when we tried to go, so I didn’t get a pic of the city view :(. Jonathan promised that we’d go back on a date night soon…I’m going to hold him to it!

IMG_7047 Bridget’s face when she saw me the next day. Priceless feeling!


As great at our time alone was, we were both so happy to have our little noodle back in our arms. She’s always the reason for the season these days!

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  1. That one that is your all time favorite is now a favorite one of mine...super cute! And, look at B's little face -- I love it!