Sunday, May 16, 2010

There's no time! There's never any time!.....

Ah, of all the things I love in the world that I don't have time to indulge, baking is near the top. When I win the lottery (and after I open my Animal Sanctuary, of course), I may just have to open my own catering company! There are so many recipes out there to try, and I know I will love them all...I'm mostly talking sweet treats, people, but I also love savory, too. My then, Lord, have you matched me with a man that says, "eh" every time I deliver a new delicacy? Sure, he puts on a happy, impressed face each time I have time taste a new treasure and supports me in my passion but he can't help his boring, unsophisticated palate. I beam with pride and await that reassurance that comes from the "you am the best cook ever" look that I give often when delicious food enters my gullet, but I'm often disappointed. Boo. At least he tries! I will continue to push his taste buds in the hope that one day they'll come around :). Here's my latest two recipes I can't wait to try. Maybe when we have people over the watch World Cup start soon, I can try them. Don't they look delicious??

Braided Lemon Bread

Mushroom Crepe Cake

Both are from Smitten Kitchen and look absolutely amazing (and do-able by me, possibly). Yum!


  1. oohh I have a seirous weakness for anything lemon. Let me know how the lemon bread turns out!!

  2. We should totally get together and BAKE!!!! I love to bake. It's way more fun when you have company.