Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Things I’m doing now that I’m 8 months old:

-eating baby food 3 times a day (favorites: avocado, prunes, pumpkin, apples/bananas, sweet potato)

-CRAWLING! If I’m motivated, I can go as far as I want now. Mommy and Daddy need to look out!

-Talks all the time…my favorite word is still “da-da” and Mommy is trying to work on my “m’s” every day

-I have two bottom teeth and more coming in on top…I hate teething!

-I don’t like any of the normal teething tools. No teethers. No Munchkin treat sacks. Instead, I prefer Mommy’s necklaces.

-Love eating baby snacks! Favorites are Gerber Graduate Puffs and Baby Mum Mums (those are delish!)

-About to grow out of my car seat. Good thing Mommy bought a good one on sale before I was born!

-Had many more diaper rashes than ever before. Mommy was so lucky that I didn’t have my first one until I was over 6 months old. Miss Carmen says its because of teething. She knows everything!

-I giggle at the kitties anytime they come anywhere near me. They are hilarious!!!!

-Since I am crawling now, Mommy confines me to my pack n’ play when she’s in the shower. I’m getting used to it…

-I wear size 3 diapers now

-I NEVER stay still on my changing table. Mommy doesn’t like it, but I’ve got places to go, lady!

-Separation Anxiety started about 3 weeks ago. If I’m in a new place with new people, I don’t want to be anywhere but with Mommy. I’m working on getting better and after I get a 15 minute break to get used to things, I’m cool. Mommy secretly thinks its sweet :)

-There’s so much more, but Mommy needs to get some rest so she can keep up with me tomorrow!

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