Sunday, May 2, 2010

Contribute to this Bridget Poll!

Here are a few of Bridget’s latest baby model offerings (all thanks are due to Keri, again, from…she’s amazing!). Let me know which one is your favorite! Soon enough, I’m going to post 4-5 of my favorite B pics from the last month so we can choose one to put up in the house…where? Not sure. Mantle? If so, which one? Her room? Our room? Agh!!! Help me with this first task, PLEASE!


IMG_5949wtmk IMG_5955wtmk

IMG_5964wtmk IMG_6012wtmk IMG_6000wtmk IMG_6022wtmk IMG_6021wtmk

After adding these, I just need to say….she’s the cutest baby of all time!!!! Agh!!!! Biased? No comment :)


  1. I vote #3 or #6! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! She ages well...hehehheeee.. ;)

  2. Do I really have to choose??? Well, if I must -- #3.

  3. 2 and 6 are my faves!!!!!!!!

  4. My vote is for number 3 although I like number 2 but she's a little washed out in the picture.