Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Here are some pics from our recent adventures with friends (furry friends included!).


B spending time bonding with the cat (Gus). They both share and affinity for gift boxes and tissue. Can they base a relationship on that commonality?



We hang with Abby so often at her place, but this time we got to hang with Jackson, too (his mom is ALSO named Julie!). Jackson is 2 months older, but Bridget was the star crawler of the place…such a proud mommy! I am pretty proud that I captured all three babies smiling at the same time (don’t mention luck!):IMG_6905

Julie and I were tickled when I pulled out B’s favorite crib toy so she’d be comfortable going down in the PnP (so Mommy could continue to enjoy the night…works like a charm!)…it turns out Abby sleeps with the exact same one. Even more fun?? B’s is from Amanda (my BFF since I was 2)!! Love it:


One of our favorite outdoor escapes is Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and its about 5 minutes from our house. How excited was I when that ended up being the location for B’s friend, Annabelle’s 1st birthday party?! The weather worked out perfectly and Christy (Annabelle’s mom) made little strawberry shortcakes for everyone instead of regular cake. Annabelle even got a sugar-free version for herself. I loved the sugar-free idea! I’m so nervous to give B “super desserts” (she’s gotten fruit sweets but never serious sweets)…I don’t even want her to know the delicious taste of SUGAR! Oops…tangent…well, the party was fun!



When we got home, it was time to play with B’s regular, everyday friends…her toys! She is obsessed with pulling up on stuff and her clear favorite is her travel swing. She loves pulling on the fish that hang. They make noise when pulled and she loves it! It’s amazing to see their little brains develop right before our eyes!IMG_6931IMG_6937

We had our first teen babysitter last weekend! Our neighbor, Lydia, came and watched B so we could go see Mandy in the Denton Community Theater production of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”…it was a great show! I was nervous to leave her, but her bedtime was about 30 minutes after we’d left. I’d done the bath and got everything set up. We probably gave her way more information than necessary (I even showed her how to hook the carseat in my car in case there was an emergency…we were going  to be in Denton! Too far to risk it :)…hehehe), but she was a good sport about it. Another comment?? Ahh, to be 17 again…I am so obviously not that age anymore!


Here’s Mandy in the show. We also shared some Beth Marie’s….yum!


Byron Nelson pics to come soon. I’m too sleepy. Nightie-night!

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