Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ladies Night! (well, me and Bridget outings)

Good times recently! I’ve been behind on uploading pics, so here’s a few more our most recent events. First: we celebrated Mother’s Day with my mom at Mi Cocina seeing as how she and Dad went to Chicago to visit Mary over the “real day”. Love me some Mambo Taxis!

IMG_6846 IMG_6843

Who else is annoyed by these non-storms we’ve been having this season? My plants and I think its SUUUUPER lame…here’s a pic of yet another one of these dirty teases:IMG_6848

While out at the Celtic Festival, Mary, Mom and Dad stopped by some of the fun, mirrored sculptures and had some fun. Look at how many other people were enjoying them, too!Mary and Dad

Over the weekend, my good friend, Adrianne, came in town from Austin (she had two showers in the same day and still spent time with us, too!) and needed her regular Bridget fix. As usual, she brought B something adorable and we entertained ourselves with the little one. Isn’t her bikini Four Seasons Pool-ready?? Here we come!


Oh…we also went to Gloria’s for lunch and I had chicken tacos for the first time (well, the first time from Glorias….duh!). They were AMAZING. Perfectly dry, just like I like it. Time to go back!


I must also mention that it was definitely baby-central at this place. Geez! We would have felt out of place without Bridget! She was 100% enamored with two young boys at the table next to us. She would stare at them, turn back to see if Mommy had set out another puff, and then turn right back around to her boyfriends. hilarious!


And…we also had a date night thanks to Grammy and Pop! Of all the movies we could have seen, we decided on “How to Train Your Dragon”. What can I say? We are too tired for a thought-provoking slow pic and life goes by too fast to see a movie that might not be good. This one got a 98% from rottentomatoes.com AND we like the animated sort. We’re lame :). It was really cool! Only problem? I am NOT into the 3-D movie craze. Since we went to Studio Movie Grill (the best deal in a movie, even if you don’t get food…it’s the same price or cheaper than the regular theater!), there was only a 3-D option. NOT a good idea when you are trying to eat. I wish I had video of me having on glasses while watching the movie (and often being ill), then taking them off to take a bite of food, then back again. Silly! Good thing the movie was great!


More to come about today’s jazz concert at Daddy’s school, but Daddy needs to use the computer, too. Til next time! :)

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