Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Week in Mommyhood


Oh, ya’ll…this was a crazy week and its not even over yet! Here’s my number one tip: don’t lock your baby in the car :)

Ah, the story. Had a kinder program at school and my mom came to help watch Bridget since Jonathan also had a concert (the lives of a music teaching family). The show went great (kinder kids are always cute!) and B was super tired once it was time to go home (8pm…an hour after her bedtime and she still needed a bottle). Plus, the AC at school wasn’t turned on for the evening so she was already hot wearing her little sleeper (footless, but still had sleeves and such).

As Mom and I walked outside, I had all my loot: purse, diaper bag, car carrier. Per my normal routine, I opened the driver-side front door and set MY stuff down. Then I opened her door and put the diaper bag down and clicked her seat into place. Like normal, I closed her door and turned to get into my seat. Hmm….door was closed. Then I reached to open it and nothing happened. Sad face…

Mom and I both let out a team “gasp” when we realized what had happened. Since all my stuff was in the car, we used her phone to call 911 (a first for me – ever). Luckily, the fire truck was right around the corner and with sirens blaring came right over. B was crying ‘cause she was pissed but other than that she was fine. Just a little sweaty, but she gets that from Daddy. I’m super sad that I didn’t have my camera in my purse because I DEFINITELY would have gotten a shot of her with the firemen and policeman. Alas, I have to settle for the memory instead. Grammy and I will have a great joke to tell for many more years!

One note: when I got B out of the car, I immediately took her out of the seat and started to take off her sleeper. One of the firemen said, “oh! is she wearing flannel pajamas??”….I certainly snapped back, “No!” thinking – “who do you think I am?” oh yeah…and mom that locks her baby in the car :).

There’s other stuff to list for this week, but this was the biggest.

TIP: go to Market Street for prescriptions if you have one nearby. They give FREE prenatal vitamins (no DHA…you have to add supplements) and FREE amoxicillan (what they take when they have an ear infection). Just ask your ob/gyn and pedi when they give you something…free is always good!!!!

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  1. The fireman's major concern was the flannel pajamas! Hahaha! Great story! Glad it turned out well; Bridget will enjoy hearing this one when she is older!