Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Piano Prima Donna

B, J and I spent Sunday afternoon at Grammy and Pop’s place and had such a nice time relaxing. Bridget got to see their awesome, organic garden, played the piano, grabbed lots of glasses, and even took a little nap so Mommy and Daddy could enjoy their lunch from the grill. Since we were downtown, we figured a quick ‘rita at Ozona with Amanda was a must-do seeing as how she was only in town for 24 hours. We don’t see her enough! Here are some highlights:

IMG_6746 IMG_6749

Grammy and Pop showing off their great backyard garden. They have so many goodies! We can’t wait for the tomatoes to ripen. Delish!


B even gnawed on her own green bean…chomp, chomp!IMG_6751 

Duh…of course she loves playing the piano. We just wish Aunt Mary (the piano performer of the family) was there to play, too!

IMG_6753 IMG_6757  IMG_6759

At Ozona, B was pumped to sit with Amanda and Daddy. She was so sweet to give us a great afternoon with everyone. Little did we know she was suffering from an ear infection…oops!IMG_6755

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