Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Week in Mommyhood

IMG_6592She’s saying “Get me out of here, Mom!”..a new thing that I could do without :)

My new amazing plan? To try and note my observations in mommyhood each week and jot some down on a (semi) regular basis. Any of you new mommy friends may appreciate these tidbits (though your baby could be totally different and most likely will be!) and those experienced ones may get a good kick out of walking down memory lane. I present to you:

-Babies DO suffer from allergies! I heard it straight from a doctor’s mouth (well, Julie did and then told me). It’s so obvious and when you read that babies don’t get allergies til after 12 months it makes you so PO’ed ‘cause why else is my little one draining buckets from her nose and rubbing her eyes when she’s not tired?! Gotta love my Little Noses…and I didn’t know you were supposed to only suction 3-4 times a day for noses?? I read that when she was little and suffering from her 1st runny nose (a terrible time for a new mommy!). I totally ignored it and suctioned like crazy to keep my little girl happy and eating well. She survived. Phew! Now we’re good for 3-4 a day since she knows how to breath better when the guck is around. She’s so smart :)

-Not all diapers are created equal for boys and girls (this is NOT a new observation but I felt like I should pass on the word). Why the companies don’t just get together and make ones specific for each gender and just give it up, I don’t know. My choice? Pampers 100%. Best for boys?? Huggies! Also, Babies R Us brand? Not cool at all for girls but I’ve heard boys do great with them. B explodes almost daily at Carmen’s when she’s using them. Thank goodness she’s almost made it through this box. Never again. Target is supposed to be great for boys, too. Girls generic?? I’ve heard Sams brand is a lot like Pampers…we’ll see…stickin’ with Pampers for now. New mommies?? The swaddlers are THE BEST!!! I love me that little yellow line that turns green when its soiled :). You’ll love it too! They’re also so darn soft. You don’t want to put any of those other crinkly ones on your little angel’s tush while they’re still so fragile to you!

-B used to LOVE our outside walks around the neighborhood before bath time. Boo…she’s starting to turn on me. She’s cool with the walk if I take her out of the stroller (not letting that plan last long), but if not she only lasts for about 25 minutes. Better than nothing, but not ideal. We’re thinking about adding toys to the thing to keep her entertained?? Ideas??

I’d better stop for now before this blog gets out of control. More to come in the future! There’s so many things to observe. I love it!

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