Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Swim Graduate!

My little fish was a true star in her swim classes this summer! Though she was certainly the littlest and youngest in the group (our local pool doesn’t start classes until age 3 – younger ages are in the mommy/me class but I’d already done that with B and knew she would want more – but they let me sign her up anyway!), she was much more brave than many of her other classmates. Check her out on the big kid diving board:

iPhone love 7-8-12 076

While many of the others had to be led out onto the board and then dropped in, she pranced to the end all by herself and flew off. I was scared and proud all at the same moment!

The only stipulation the pool staff had about her taking the class was that she needed to be okay with going in the pool by herself without a parent. I was pretty sure we’d be fine, but when the first day of class rolled around I was anxious…I’d prepped her for a few days and pumped up her new “school” a lot, so when the big day arrived we were as ready as we could be. Here she is walking in like she owns the place (what’s new):




Eager to get started! We had a nice time watching the first classes of the day finish up before her’s began at 8:30am (yes, I had to wake her up every morning in order to be on time…thank goodness we live 2 minutes away!):


Soon, the whistles blew and it was time to round up the kids in their appropriate age groups:


And it was off to the first day of class! As long as B was holding a teacher’s hand, she was totally fine. Bless her teachers for continuing to do this every morning for two weeks…loved them!



Not everyone was happy about leaving Mom. Again, those swim instructors were wise beyond their years. A few tears and screams for Mom didn’t phase them one bit…and at least my kid wasn’t the one crying Smile.


First day was done! Time to come tell Mommy all about it:


She was pretty pleased with herself:


The next two weeks brought lots of exhaustion at the Adamo house after starting each morning with a swim workout, but she kept going back for more:

iPhone love 7-8-12 004iPhone love 7-8-12 071

And before we knew it, her show-off day arrived! Time to meet up with Miss Erin:


Warm-up songs start every lesson:

Ring around the rosy!

Off to the deep water of the big pool:



At the end of every class, I always asked Miss Erin how things went. Her response was always the same: “she’s doing great! I can’t believe how easy she is to work with and her fearlessness. But – she needs more practice floating on her back.” The same thing. Every time. Not a fan of floating on her back.



They have the coolest little enclosed platform they put in the big pool so they can corral the class while the teachers take them each out for some one-on-one time. My mom and I called it “the pen”. It’s perfect! Here’s B on one of her solo swims with Miss Erin. Keep blowing those bubbles, Bridget:


Ah, the pen. A genius invention!



She was pretty happy to show Mimi all her swimming skills:

Swimming “by herself”!!



Thanks for all the fun, Miss Erin!


iPhone love 7-8-12 080

Though she was mildly interested in her certificate, she was stoked about the lollipop that came with it!

iPhone love 7-8-12 081060

How is she growing up this fast??

iPhone love 7-8-12 085

Seems like it was just the other day that she and Abby were taking their first swim class…man do I miss baby time sometimes…but I DO NOT miss swim diapers. Ewww.


On our way out to the car, Mimi surprised B with a little something special to commemorate the occasion. A bubble machine! Mimis always know just what little girls want!



  1. YEY Miss Bridget!! That baby picture almost made me cry....having my own suddenly made me emotional about everything!

  2. Sounds EXACTLY like my G! He loves to do anything and everything except float. Usually I can get him to relax for about 1/10 of a second before he is over it.
    Don't be sad, but Bridget is looking so much like a little girl these days. I guess 3 is when they start looking like kids. Boo! But still oh so precious! The pictue of her in the pen - too cute!

  3. Darling bathing suits...so proud of you, B!