Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mary’s visit: Part 1, Lake Travis!

The weekend prior to the Fourth of July brought many adventures for the Adamos. Most notably – Aunt Mary arrived! The 3 of us left early on Friday with a full car packed (still not sure why it was full, as we were only staying one night…) and headed down I-35 on our way to Austin-Bergstrom Airport to pick her up. Yay!

Our first stop: pop into the city for some lunch with Adrianne! We tried a spot new to all of us, Red’s Porch, and loved it (ignore my redness – we sat outside and I get so red when I’m hot!! Better red than sweaty, though…so I’ll take it). Jonathan was so thrilled to see that his beloved hot dog truck resided RIGHT NEXT DOOR (1. they sell veggie dogs, 2. he’d joked that we were all meeting Adri there for lunch). After a drink (and lunch for the rest of us) at Red’s, we went to the truck…and they were sold out of veggie dogs. A sad moment for Jonathan! Sad smile

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On our way out to Spiceville where we were staying, we stopped at a fireworks shop for fun and grabbed a few Buy-One-Get-11-Free deals. Those darn things are still sitting in the back of my car.

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Finally we made it to JCarol’s house for some relaxation time, Lake Travis-style. Ahh…

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The next morning brought some morning snuggles:

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And then it was time for a boat ride! We tried on this little lifejacket at the house to make sure it was the one to bring and B loved it so much that she didn’t take it off:


She said that she couldn’t get on the boat without her “ticket”. Hmmm. Um, what? Apparently, her ticket was the receipt from our HEB trip and Bridget would not leave the condo without it (tears were involved). Whatever.


Then, down the “stairs of doom” with Daddy. This staircase was SCARY!


Gave her ticket to the “boat Captain”:


And we were off!


Summertime Pop:


Blair found a great spot for swimming (we were the only boat there when we anchored, but by the time we left it was full!), but B was concerned about swimming in the “icky” water. These kiddos! She’s been in lake water plenty of times before! Sheesh. She got over it once nearly everyone but here had jumped in:100104

Says it all:


Inevitably, she started getting tired…not to mention sick of being the only person in a lifevest. Time to head home!


But she caught some winks on the drive. This was not the first time she’s snoozed on a boat. Loves it!


After nap, we headed back to JCarol’s for dinner. On the 1 mile drive, we apparently found all the deer that had been missing from our Colorado house! Like 20 deer in 1 mile! Here’s a mommy and baby:

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Only a few more hours with our lovelies. We soaked it all in!


If you couldn’t tell, Bridget was in love with JCarol’s koi pond. She fed them 3 square meals each day, that’s for sure. Such fun


A washers tourney commenced:

And Jonathan and Angie won the longest washer game of all time. Marathon! They didn’t win the whole thing, but their grit earned them some serious street cred:



Someone was getting tired:


Bro and Sis pic:




Our fun Austin family. Some old friends from way back in the Southlake years, some newer pals from Austin. All combine for some awesome memory makers!


We had to get ourselves home soon after dinner so we could make it back for Bridget to sleep decently in her bed. The next day brought Snow Monkey Night at the Rangers with Mimi, Pop, Aunt Mary, Cousin Ben and all 3 Adamos! Whee!

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