Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mary’s Visit, Part 2: Go Rangers!!!

How in the world can summer manage to fly by even fast than the rest of the year?? Um, its nearly August, you say?? Preposterous!

Regardless, I’m already behind on blogging again due to all the fun my Bridgey has been enjoying lately. Upon our return from Austin the weekend before the 4th of July, we made it home in time for a good, long nap and then headed out to Arlington for SNOW MONKEY NIGHT (aka a regular Rangers game – plus special shout out to all Ticket P1s). My family is an original 1310 The Ticket listening crew since the beginning, so my mom snatched up tickets for all of us to Snow Monkey Night as soon as it was announced at the start of the Spring. We were all so excited for the first pitch! I won’t detour down the story road as to why we actually missed the first pitch, but are any of you really surprised? I live my life 30 minutes late!


Of course I brought PB&J for my picky girl!


We’ve also discovered a love of pistachios recently. She likes something natural! I’ll take it! Plus, who doesn’t LOVE pistachios??


These new sweet potato fries at the Ballpark were AMAZING!


In order to accommodate Mary and Matt, my mom was about to nab two more seats in the row in front of us once we knew they were coming. Made it so nice for B to be able to rotate seats when needed! And HALLELUJAH for aisle seats!


Yu Darvish!!



Gimme some of those, Daddy!



This girl sure does love Pop!!! Who’s surprised? Smile


Strolling the park with Aunt Mary:


Mary really wanted a Napoli jersey shirt, but they were no where to be found Sad smile. Grr. At least she had B as a consolation prize!


Sharing baseball cap ice cream…nummy!



Playing with Uncle Cory (who also had tickets to the game, so he road with us) on our way home. She didn’t act tired at all! What a trooper…


Some adorableness to close:

Love Pop!

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