Monday, July 9, 2012

Summertime, Having a Blast!

I can’t believe the summer is half over already. We’ve been having so much fun over the past six weeks that its hard to imagine going back to our “normal” next month. The old adage that “time flies when you’re having fun” can never be more true when you have a blossoming child in front of your eyes. And that statement’s truth grows exponentially when you add more kids to the picture!


Upon our return from Colorado, Bridget and I finally got a chance to play with our friends Jill and Alexandra. Being two busy working moms, Jill and I always have a hard time fitting in play times…but we’re also two very determined moms so we always make it happen somehow!

Bridget also started swim lessons this same week (8:30am – aka her regular wake up time), making all of our morning activities a little less smilely because tiredness set it. She was a little bit of a pill on this visit. Thankfully, Alexandra’s cheery demeanor (and her dress up basket of treasures!) helped improve B’s mood a little:


And I was thrilled to see this sweet cherub again!


Ya’ll, little Josephine is seriously the most adorable little baby that ever existed. And I am fully aware that my own daughter was a really really cute baby Smile. No one holds a candle to little JoJo, though. Is it the insane strawberry blonde hair? The chub-chub cheeks? The infectious smile? That giggle face? Oh, how I wish she’d been one tenth her usual smiley self during our short stay so I could share her expressions with you. She truly is a Cabbage Patch Doll come to life!!! (it’s no surprise strangers say that same thing to Jill all the time)


Thanks again for opening your warm home to us, friends. We love the joy you bring us!


A special treat to all of you who are loving the little friendships that are blossoming in your kiddo’s life. Check out this precious moment I caught on video between Alexandra and Bridget. Is anyone shocked to hear that Jill is a librarian? My heart just melted when I watched this again:

We love Barbie!

(my favorite part is the quick wrap-up at the end – thanks, Miss Alexandra!)

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  1. We LOVE this!!! Great pics and video...we are having fun looking at these. :-)