Friday, July 20, 2012

Rapunzel, Let’s Cut Your Hair!

Bridget’s first haircut. Gulp. Something I’ve been anxious about since I gave birth to a sweet angel blessed with a full head of hair.

Sure, technically she had locks shorn when she was just over a year old. Her wild mane was out of control (bangs especially), and combined with her refusal to wear a ponytail of any sort, we were at an impasse. So I allowed the babysitter’s assistant to trim her bangs (of course I saved those little locks!). Through no fault of her own (instead, a wiggly toddler is to blame), that event was not 100% successful. Thankfully, hair grows. Nevertheless, it left me a little nervous about the next haircut.

However, I’d told myself my Spring Break she’d have a REAL HAIRCUT. She even told me one day this Spring that she wanted a haircut and wanted me to cut it. Um, no. I responded that she could only get a haircut in a REAL salon with a REAL hairstylist. A Bridget dream was born.

When I mentioned it to Julie, she was totally game for doing the same with Miss Abby. Both girls were over due, so we made appointments at Sweet & Sassy. B and I had visited a few weeks prior to get a pricing guide and to check out the place, as I’d never actually looked inside. Impressive! The girls there were fawning over Bridget (good sales skills, ladies), let her pick out a lollipop, and put beautiful pink sparkles on her cheek. She was smitten. I was relieved.

Here we finally were at the start of the summer. Isn’t Abby’s smock perfect for her?? Hahaha!


Miss Taylor was GREAT with the girls. I’m excited to go back and see her again. Did I mention the haircut was only $10???? Bless you, Toddler Tuesdays. So cheap, but so fun. My favorite combination!


The closest we got to smile during Abby’s turn:


Getting her princess twist:


Happy Mommy #1!


OK – here’s where I started to get nervous:


But my B was happy as a clam. She had a great time!


She especially liked looking at herself in the mirror. Woe was Miss Taylor anytime she requested B look elsewhere. Not happening, lady. Someone I know is a little bit vain these days! Who wouldn’t be if one was that adorable??

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Making faces at herself:


Getting her princess twist perfected AND her beautiful sparkles on her cheek:


Happy Mommy #2!


Afterwards, both girls got to pick out a lollipop and then head to the RUNWAY (that’s right, I said RUNWAY):


Bridget didn’t hesitate for a moment, and ran right back behind that curtain and stepped on that stage to strut her stuff:


Abby needed a little coaxing from her BFF, which B was happy to comply:


Let the fun begin! Tunes blastin’, we all were having a great time:


Who wouldn’t have a great time in a place that looks like this?

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Then they were off to find some mischief dinner. Hand in hand, of course.


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Sweet princesses. What fun memories we made together!

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