Friday, July 6, 2012

Colorado 2012: Manitou Springs + Goodbye, friends!

Our last morning with the McCauleys meant a fun trip down to Manitou Springs for lunch and strolling through the shops. Little did I know this would lead to 3 more trips into this quaint, hippy town for additional fun. Its great for kids!

Silly girl on the short drive into town:

Colorado 2012 749Colorado 2012 750Colorado 2012 751Colorado 2012 752

We spied not just one but TWO Chesapeake Bay Retrievers while we were in Manitou. This is a rare dog breed that my grandpa used to breed when my mom was growing up, and we also had when we were kids. They’re so awesome and so easily recognizable to someone who knows Chesseys. This one’s name was Peaches…she did the trademark Chessey leg lean, too!

iPhone love June 2012 287

Shopping time!

Colorado 2012 754

Julie and I thought this might be the right nightie for Abby:

Colorado 2012 755

Paws off, Bridget!

Colorado 2012 756Colorado 2012 757

Enjoying the water from the mountain spring. Did you know it tastes carbonated? Crazy!

Colorado 2012 768Colorado 2012 770Colorado 2012 776

Dancing with Daddy to the “singing man”:

Colorado 2012 772

Another spring fountain was discovered – and greatly enjoyed!

Colorado 2012 783Colorado 2012 785Colorado 2012 787Colorado 2012 788Colorado 2012 794Colorado 2012 795

Our lunch (well, we had food, too, but let’s focus on what’s important):

Colorado 2012 796


One of the many shops had sweet little bird feeders hanging from the awning. Not only did they have tenants, we also got to see a feeding session!

Colorado 2012 806

These two are a real team. I love watching their friendship grow as they learn what it means to have a nurturing relationship with someone outside your family. Such a blessing!


Colorado 2012 812Colorado 2012 816Colorado 2012 820

As the McCauleys headed up to the house to finish packing, we stopped at the quarter rides while Daddy ran an errand (well, he watched the last few minutes of the first half of a soccer game…priorities!). We both immediately fell in love!

Colorado 2012 827Colorado 2012 838Colorado 2012 840Colorado 2012 832

There’s around a hundred of these little rides piled into this area of town, all are covered and shaded so they don’t get hot or wet, and 99% of them are just $0.25. Yes!!!! As I said, we came back to Manitou that night and made it over yet again the next day. Glorious!

Once we got back to the house, the grown-ups shared a few more minutes of chatting while we let the girls run free together before having to part. When our curiosity got the best of us, we crept up to the bedrooms and found this:

Colorado 2012 848Colorado 2012 858Colorado 2012 854

So much for all that folded laundry I had in my room! Not to mention the fact that they’d thrown all the clean clothes directly on top of my dirty clothes basket…and then tossed them all up like a giant salad. Awesome. But judging by all the smiles and laughter, I decided it was worth it Smile.

Colorado 2012 862Colorado 2012 867

A little bit more silliness:

Colorado 2012 869Colorado 2012 875Colorado 2012 877

Finally, goodbye hugs were in order:

Colorado 2012 881Colorado 2012 886Colorado 2012 883

We were sad to say goodbye but our hearts were warmed by the thought of making this an annual trip together. So many special memories to cherish for many years to come!

Up next: dinner in Manitou with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Charlene, wildfire update, a morning in Manitou, and heading back home!

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