Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Colorado 2012: Straight Chillin’

Though we were a busy bunch while enjoying our trip together, the four of us took plenty of breaks at the house to give those toddler brains some down time from all the stimulation found when encountering new things. Plus, it allowed the adults time to relax!

We started one morning with our standard trip to the Hungry Bear in Woodland Park (soooo glad this place wasn’t disturbed by the fire!):

Colorado 2012 736Colorado 2012 738Colorado 2012 737

Here’s my sweet B at Hungry Bear from Christmas 2010…how has she grown so fast!?!


Here are a few pics from us chillin’:

Colorado 2012 743

Such great sharers! And I’m not going on a trip without this drawing board. It was a huge hit, though its rarely touched at our house. I’m not asking questions!

Colorado 2012 741

Pretty Abby!

Colorado 2012 744

Bridget and Daddy taking a short hike up the hill in the backyard. (she’s showing you her scat tracking skills in the second pic)

Colorado 2012 708Colorado 2012 713

We all drove to the end of our street in order to take a little hike and explore the outdoors. Some cute Daddy/daughter moments!

iPhone love June 2012 090iPhone love June 2012 096iPhone love June 2012 103

Since there were little legs with us, we made it to the bend in the path before turning around and heading back. *WILDFIRE NOTE* Right around this bend (just behind the McCauleys in this pic) is a small valley filled with trees and brush. The Waldo Canyon wildfire extended as far as the crest of THIS VALLEY. If it had reached a few more feet, it likely would have washed through the valley in moments and then taken over our neighborhood. We are so blessed to say that the fire has been contained and the warnings completely lifted. What an amazing ordeal!

iPhone love June 2012 105

Loved all the wildflowers!

iPhone love June 2012 108

Adorable cuties finding fun wherever they go!

iPhone love June 2012 112iPhone love June 2012 124iPhone love June 2012 125

Up next…Abby’s first trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo!!!!!

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  1. I'm a hungry bear just thinking about The Hungry Bear...I think the little cubs in my household would love that place! Still loving all of your CO posts and feeling thankful about your fire update.